International Tractors Limited ITL. It is a leading manufacturer of tractors and all its sub equipment, and its business covers more than 130 countries worldwide. The company was established to meet the global requirements for agricultural machinery. It is the first world-class tractor manufacurer in Hoshyapur,Panjab province , and it is  also the third tractor manufacurer in the world. The company is India’s no.1 export company for the excellent tractor series of 20-120 HP, that makes it the largest tractor production and export company in India.

Our journey

Comprehensive factory​

This factory is one of the largest and most modern tractor production factories in the world. And what makes this factory great is the continuous development of the joint venture with Yanmar in the comprehensive manufacturing of tractors. The factory is widely distributed, with 10 different manufacturing units, producing a series of heavy tractors and all their equipment and parts. The quality of the output depends on professional and skilled labor.In addition to the quality of the material itself, the factory provides a complete solution to fully satisfy customers.

Strategic cooperation with Yanmar

Ten years after Sonalika tractors began to be produced, Japanese manufacturers and investors showed interest in Indian enterprises. In 2005, the Japanese Development Bank and Yanmar Company jointly invested in the factory. Yanmar took over the technical management and decided to develop a separate export equipment model under its own brand. This is the beginning of selling small tractors 26 HP . Since then, Solis Yanmar tractors have been sold all over the world, and this tractor has quickly gained a great reputation and popularity.

the strategic partner

Yanmar has always been a strategic partner of ITL. Until today, Yanmar is still investing in financial and human resources in ITL. As of 2019, Yanmar owns 30% of the shares of the factory in Punjab, India. The factory employs 60 Japanese engineers.At present, Yanmar has launched a serise 48HP - 42HP In India, these tractors are equipped with a world-class Yanmar Super Nova engine it is a Japanese diesel engine with a history of 110 years, and new tractor models will continue to be developed to Meet various needs of farmers.

German Spare Parts Center – Solis Yanmar

On February 5, 2019, Solis Yanmar Spare Parts Distribution Center opened in Germany.


We are proud to represent ITL International Tractors Limited. The company cooperates with Yanmar Company of Japan.
The factory producing Sonalika, Solis, and Yanmar brands. As we all know, it is an intelligent tractor supported by Japanese technology. As an exclusive dealer in Yemen, we provide customers with the correct advice on the performance and cost most suitable for their personal conditions and farmland. We also provide Competitive prices, after-sales service, and integrated spare parts. Our goal is to satisfy customers and win their trust.

Why Sonalika

Sonalika itself is a symbol, a leading brand, and is considered to be the largest tractor in India. For a strong future, it has always met many global efficiency standards.
Suhool Alyemen has reshaped the agricultural pattern of Yemen for more than five years with the vision to view a huge brand.

Why Solis

Yanmar, with Japanese technology , and Solis, with Indian price, have formed a heritage of innovation and environmental awareness, and have pushed this hybrid product to the highest level of advanced technology development.And make it extreme competition with any other tractor.

Suhool Alyemen Agricultural Exhibition 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Suhool Alyemen Company held the first agricultural exhibition. This is indeed the first and only exhibition of this kind never seen in the region. This exhibition aims to show sonalika agricultural tractors exclusively in the Yemeni market for the first time. The exhibition showed a wonderful display of Sonalika's advanced technological tractors, manufactured by the International Tractor Limited ITL. The exhibition attracted great interest and admiration in the region for the modernity of design and the remarkable manufacturing force on the ground.

Suhool Alyemen Agricultural Exhibition 2020

Development of the latest innovative mechanical equipment and real agricultural development from Sonalica&Solis

Suhool Alyemen Agricultural Exhibition 2021

(Agriculture is the pillar of food security and the way of self-sufficiency from domestic production). This was the title of the Suhool Alyemen Company agricultural exhibition held at Dhamar University, which was held to promote the modernization of agriculture in Yemen and the establishment of the largest exhibition platform in Yemen for advanced new agricultural technology. This was the largest local show by Suhool Alyemen, which showed the rapid and growing growth of recent years and the huge expansion of the brand in the local market with the expansion of the size of the fair every year.

Suhool Alyemen Company Agricultural Exhibition 2021 highlighted a large fleet of modern agricultural equipment with the Sonalika&Solis Yanmar brands, and highlighted the characteristics of each tractor and the intelligent updates provided by the International Tractor Limited ITL factory, competitive price, after-sales service, maintenance service, spare parts, etc.

Sonalika & Solis in Alhudidah

Suhool Alyemen team organized a field visit to Hodeidah province, one of the largest provinces in which our products are located. The visit plan was to conduct field visits showing the strength and efficiency of tractors and to give attendees an opportunity to learn about the latest agricultural manufactures and the latest technologies in the systems of agricultural equipment and related tools

Meeting with clients in the area and give them some important tips on the correct use of tractors and free maintenance courses for all tractors.

Provide customers with free spare parts, catalogues and manuals to facilitate regular checking of tractors at home.

Suhool Alyemen In Aljawf

Al-Jawf province welcomes the Suhool Alyemen team with love and gratitude for their efforts in following up on customers, solving their problems, and providing mobile maintenance services. They also provide them with the free spare parts they need, such as air filters, fuel filters, and other things to avoid them crossing long distances to obtain them.

Sonalika & Solis in ALjawf

With the start of a new year and a successive success story, Solis Yanmar Agricultural Equipment Company was inaugurated in Al-Jawf province - Al-Hazm. On the fifth of January, a huge digital event represents an absolute event in the history of the modern agricultural equipment sector and the pure Japanese technology, produced by the international Tractor Limited with brands Sonalika, Solis and Yanmar. products that not only get the job done but also do it better until they top the quality ladder and take center stage among the reasons for ensuring reliability for continuous industry improvement to ensure our customers get the best products for their farms .

community tractor project

The community tractor project was inaugurated in Dhamar Governorate by the Directorate of Mayfaa Ans, which is implemented by the Tractor Unit of the General Establishment for Development and Grain Production in coordination with the Office of Agriculture and Irrigation within the framework of the program of the Higher Agricultural Committee for the Advancement of the Agricultural Sector. In this project, Solis & Sonalika had a wonderful and distinguished presence at 30% of the total number of all tractors, which is a notable indication that it is the fastest growing and the most widespread worldwide and locally .

highest sales ratio

Suhool Alyemen Company achieved the highest sales rate during the period from January 1st, 2021 to January 1st, 2022, ranking first among the competing companies that imported agricultural equipment in Yemen.

Brand spread

A significant and remarkable expansion of the tractors Sonalika & Solis across Yemen's governorates is not only limited to farmers working in the fields but also extends to agricultural traders with sufficient expertise to make the right choices for their farms or trade.

Support for rural women

Away from bias, Suhool Alyemen Company is offering a special offer to deduct 5% of the total cost of the tractor. This is to support and encourage the work of rural Yemeni women, encourage the idea of women working in agriculture, and facilitate the project of owning a tractor of their own to help them improve their agricultural production and achieve self-sufficiency.