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Company Profile

03Suhool Al Yemen  for Importing Materials & Agricultural Equipment, Our company it was founded on July 27, 1996 under a principle of finding an important solutions for items and problems that face Yemen´s agriculture and farmers.   at the actually, since soils preparation, seeds and saplings selection, fertilization, irrigation, pest and diseases control until the harvest, for example:-

-There are soils with decreasing in organic matter and some macro and microelements that cause low growth and production and quality in fundamentals crops.

-Exist in Yemen different regions suffer salinity, infertility and pH in high level.

-Insufficient knowledge to select seeds and saplings resisting viruses, bacteria, insects attack and climes variations for achieving control of these aspects to guaranty high production and good quality.

-Some strategy crops like grain, vegetable and fruits that confront serious problems front of different diseases that farmers could not solve with an old traditional ways or correct treatments or modern technical consulting.

-The applications of fertilizers that carrying out under the same way, it’s mean with a traditional mode and incorrect fertilizers employment that respect the environment and very economical in cost.

-Irrigation constitutes the principal factor to guarantee good growth and high production and there are insufficient water in a lot regions in Yemen, for that its necessary using new systems of irrigation to save water, because this element is essential for all creation.

-The adequate soil needs good equipment for its preparation and guarantying ideal conditions to obtain better yields, but the local farmers is still using old equipment do not useful to any kind of soil .

For all those problems, Suhool Al Yemen since the last 10 years have in hand excellent solutions and alternatives that showed excellent results, efficacy and sustainability.

Our company represents in Yemen Market famous companies and it’s considered one of the biggest local importer and distributor of seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, irrigation systems and accessories, green house, heavy materials, all those products were registered at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

In addition, we have a big experimental Station for making tests fields, where our technical staff select the best imported product (in adaption, production and quality) before putting it at the Market.

In two words, Suhool Al Yemen not only trades their products, but provides to farmers effectives solutions and alternatives. Putting in farmers hands a complete technology package to increase the production in quality and quantity.