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At SUHOOL AL YEMEN, we import and distribute SOLIS Tractors to fill the demands of customers. Many of our customers are looking for a more cost-effective tractor for their farms. with their unmatchable pulling power, high torque and low maintenance costs SOLIS Tractors are perfectly equipped for a variety of …

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SONALIKA WT-90 THE NAME SAYS IT ALL !! Sonalika WT 90 is designed to deliver full potential on huge farms with great power and strength HP 90

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SONALIKA WORLDTRAC 75 The Evolution of Refined Technology Sonalika WT 75 has been designed to tackle wide range of agricultural, forestry, industrial and municipal applications. HP 75

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Sonalika DI 75 RX


DI-75 RX Value for money Sonalika DI 75 RX is equipped for heavy duty applications that involves mowing, cultivation, spraying and bale handling. HP 75 Standard Features DI-75 RX 2WD/4WD Engine Engine Type 4100 FLT with coldstart HP Category 75 No. of Cylinders 4 Aspiration Turbo Charged Bore/Stroke(mm) 100/118 Cubic …

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Hefei Jntech INVERTER

  Hefei Jntech New Energy was established in 2006 with a high-tech enterprise, based on solar energy application and high technology with registered capital of CNY100 million. Jntech is one of leading EPC company in China for grid tie PV plant, off grid system. We invested and installed over 1 GW …

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K-HUMATE95 – ك-هـيـومـات95

K-HUMATE95 – ك-هــيـومـات95 الهيوميك أو (ك- هيومات 95) هو مركب عضوي 100 % وهو ماده فعالة في تحسين التربة وإيجاد بيئة جيده لامتصاص العناصر وتبادلها وتقليل الفاقد منها ولقد تحقق بإضافته للتربة تحسناً ملموساً وظاهراًَ بالنسبة لكبر المجموع الخضري وزيادة الانتاجية سواء في المحاصيل الورقية أو الدرنيه أو الثمرية ويلزم …

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HYBRID  SQUASH This very productive hybrid squash produces a pale green, cylindrical fruit with white mottles. This attractive, light grey-green hybrid squash with white specks has a nice shape. Vigorous plant with high productivity. A slight bulb for easy packing, matures early.

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